Amazing Nurse Nanako #1:
Memories of You


60 minutes
English Subtitles

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Did you miss me, bitches? I'd hope so. So, is up and in full effect! The links have been checked, the content has been sectioned off, I spent four hours reformatting reviews and another four reorganizing them and changing all the links. So if you don't like it, eat me.

Tell me, what have you been doing these past few months? The site hasn't been updated in around... oh, seven now, I know. But it didn't mean I don't love ya babes. See, I was busy. College started for me and remember how much of a soul sucking, evil fucking job I had? I miss it. I miss it BAD. At least then I was getting paid to hang around with snobby stuck up bitches. Now -I- have to pay them for the privilege. But that's not all! Far from it indeed. But, in the interest of giving me more interesting things to say in later reviews... I'll hold my tongue.

Nanako's cover is that of the title character, but more so of her enormous mutant bosoms. However, the show starts on some sort of space station and quickly moves to a secret meeting between the Vatican and the Military. Which military? I'm assuming the American one. Because the commander portrayed here is an asshole, smoke big cigars, and his subordinates SPEAK IN ENGLISH. That's a little fun fact I missed on the first time through. I guess I never really watched the Japanese version all the way through... but listening to a large black helicopter pilot voiced by a small Japanese man sputter out the most simple of English phrases was worth the price of admission.** After THAT scene we flash forward to Nanako cooking in the kitchen. More specifically, we flash forward to Nanako's bouncing ass and then to the whole cooking thing. Seems Nanako is kinda like the maid of the Ogami general hospital, run by doctor Kyouji Ogami and boarding the two character designs from Dragon Ball Z, Kuron and Komanechi. Those two are introduced in a scene which I'm convinced was put there to solely show off how juggly Nanako's breasts can be.

It's kinda sad, really.

So anyway, Nanako realizes she's late with Dr. Ogami's lunch and drives through the military base on her moped, much to the delight of the military men. They all seem to know her. I don't know, I guess the hospital's like... on the base or something. Whatever, the point is, it gives the director the opportunity to put her in another costume. I swear, this girl changes every ten minutes! And while the whole 'Jackie O' pillbox hat and stuff is cute, I don't know.

Doctor Ogami has been asked by a very shady (that is, incredibly badass) man named Saint to examine this corpse they found. They call the corpse Green, even though it's a skeleton and has no trace of green. Not that you'd know that for the longest time anyway because it's cooped up in some huge metal coffin. After an incredibly cruel display*** and monologue about cutting apart helpless maids who work at hospitals, Dr. Ogami informs Nanako that she screwed up her practice or whatever and is to even MORE training tonight. To his credit, Nanako is a whiney screw up who begs to be let off the hook because she caught a cold during her previous training. All the same, if I dissected every girl who whined to me... I'd be wanted in fifty two states. Besides, how could you be mean to such a cute face? My guess is it lies in the fact that her rack is so fucking bizarre.

So thanks for that Rasputin Yano! Why don't you go back to Russia and be a charlatan doctor for the Czar's anemic son instead of blighting the land with shitty T&A anime that should've never been imagined in the first place. Even in the deepest pits of hell I can't believe that something like this could exist. It makes me want to hurt, hurt anything and everything I can. I want to break the freaking disc and it's not even MINE. You see, I used to own the first disc of Nanako, but I sold it when I realized how much it sucked. It was one of only three anime DVDs I've ever sold. I still kind of miss it, in the way you miss constant punches to your gut and groin. Up yours Rasputin Yano, you and your children! You make me want to throw up, and not in the good way.

**No it wasn't. NOTHING could make up for paying any amount of money for this crap. You could pay ME to take it, but I'd just take your money and burn the damn thing.

***The first of many!