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SPECIAL: The Return of Extraneous Thanksgiving

Since I don't feel like listing ingredients I'm going to go over the "joke" behind this picture instead. You'll notice it is very small. This is because I'm making one of my dumbass picture faces and the smaller the picture is, the better. You guys don't wanna see that. No way. Anyway, look at the plates. The largest is Evan and it gradually descends. This is an allusion to penis size as it relates to plate size. It is not very funny, but it's basically the only picture I have of the complete meal. Wonderful.

Joke's on you Evan, yams aren't supposed to glow!

All things considered, we could've done a better job on the whole cooking thing this year:
: Remember to actually COOK the turkey
Yams: Should yams be neon colors?
Stuffing: Last year's recipe! Lazy!
Mashed Potatoes: We discovered that I, being Irish, can do at least one thing right
Green Bean Casserole: Hey moron, less mushroom soup!

Jerry unleashes his Pinyo-rage. Cubed pineapple?! CUBED pineapple!?

This picture proves that the floor is a perfectly feasible spot for both cooked turkey AND X-box controllers.

I figure I've got to at least tell you how to do one thing, so I'll give you a recipe for some really solid cranberry sauce that's actually supposed to be used as a topping for pork chops. You'll have no pork chops though, as this is not extraneous "pork chop eating day", it's extraneous Thanksgiving! Put it on your stuffing, or your turkey, fool!

It's really quite simple. Take a sauce pan and put a cup or two of water in it, along with maybe four or five teaspoons of sugar. More if it's to your taste, I don't know what you crazy sweet tooths out there like. Stir it up until the sugar's dissolved. Now supply yourself with that nice pound of fresh cranberries and dump them all in. Simmer five minutes or so, they'll pop. Remove, drop in a blender and blend it up. Puree on five seconds will give you satisfying results, as long as you keep the top on the blender so as to reduce the dangers of spillation. Sprinkle with delicious salt and pepper. Don't crap everything else up while you're at it and you'll have a great extraneous Thanksgiving, much unlike the crew!

Micro-Greg seems to disagree though.

Here's a hint. Your green bean casserole shouldn't look like "the stuff" from the movie The Stuff.
Cranberries or my splattered brains, the message is clear: Don't mess around with pineapple when a Pinyo is involved.
You might laugh, but Jerry and I have cried while chopping onions. Cried.
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