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  Week Eighteen: Disgusting... or Delicious?


3 cans tuna
2 bags potato chips (of flavors as you prefer)
2 cans of your preferred Creamed soup (we used cream of mushroom!)
Chopped vegetables for flavor

The original recipe was culled from this thread on the animejump forums.


As you can see from the copious coating of rust, we at use only the highest caliber of tools.

A simpler recipe you could not find.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and take two 9x9 pans. In one you'll crumble and spread half a bag of one variety of chips, and in the other you'll do the same with your second variety. Then use a can and a half of tuna in each pan. Or two cans each if you're a real dare devil.

Then slowly mix each can of creamed soup with half a can of milk. The slow, gradual mix with whisking will provide a more even blend and less of a "lump and nasty" concoction. While it matters relatively little in the end, better safe than sorry!

You are then charged with the task of spreading creamed soup over the tuna and chips in each pan. It is during this step that you could add vegetables, if it was to your choosing, but since we are stupid and unhealthy we would have none of that!

Put the rest of the chips overtop of this to make a nice casserole. Bake for 40-45 minutes and enjoy! Your results will be ugly like mine or pristine like Joel's, but both will be equally delicious!

If you're going to buy creamed soup, it's probably a good idea to realize out that Bean and Bacon has relatively little to do with creamed soup.

We're left pondering the winner, will it be the traditional expeience of Normal Potato Chips?
Or the delighful kick of Barbeque Style?
Yo Esse! Dat's some good Tuna!

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