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Week Nine: Taco Cheeseburgers

1 pound ground beef (not ultra expensive ground chuck, BARE!)
3/4 cup water
1 packet Taco Seasoning Mix
2 tablespoons yellow mustard
Taco shells
Half a chopped onion
Taco sauce (Don't get thin taco sauce, or you will feel stupid)
8 oz chopped up cheese

For all the waiting we had to do for this thing, I think this is about the second time we've used it.

Easy as pie. Simmer the beef. Cook the onions with it, or leave them raw and eat them on top. I prefer the latter, but I suppose it's technically possible to do the former. Once you drain that beautiful grease away, you'll want to add the water and Taco Seasoning. Let that thicken, maybe eight minutes or so before dropping in all that cheese and the two tablespoons mustard. Stir it up into the formless mass you'll see on your lower left.

Serve with taco sauce, relish, sour cream and lettuce/tomato should you so desire. Due to the poor quality of a certain brand of taco shell, we suggest mashing it all together in a bowl and eating it like so, but please refer to this as " Bowl Style" or we'll sue your ass for infringement of copyright. Haha! Just kidding!


Attention! Unfunny picture ahead!

With just a little work, THIS can you be your ground beef too!

You can't tell, but this stereo is playing Kim Deal.
That makes me happy in so many ways.

Fucking delicious. I later tried to interest Joel in a can of "Pineapples".
However, he was wise to my scheme.

I don't know why, but condiments look really good when they're 3 meg bitmaps.

Many people might use paper for their shopping lists, I prefer the esoteric quality of empty cigarette packs

Somehow that Keta Salmon just keeps finding it's way back!

In the tradition of the "Mashed Potato" face, I give you the "Rocking out to Lupin III" face. Beautiful.

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