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Week Thirteen: Pasta/Beef Attack

(2) Packages of pasta (~16 oz. each). This is casserole-type pasta, not sissy spaghettini. Choose your favorite!
(1) Package of beef (~3-4 lbs.)
(1) Package of Monteray (or Pepper) Jack Cheese (~12 oz.)
(1) Medium Sized Onion
(2) Cans of Tomato Pasta (6 oz.)

The last time Jerry cuts onions in his apartment. Cry Jerry, cry.

Due to poor planning, neither the recipe nor a picture of the finished meal was saved. As such, I'm kind of going to have to complete this from memory.

You want to prepare your two boxes of pasta according to directions. While you're doing this, chop up your onion, chop up your cheese, brown your meat. Doing this all at the same time with make you feel like less of a retard when you forget to boil the pasta. When the meat is browned, at your tomato paste and onion and let that simmer for 7-10 minutes, until you feel like it's all nice and right. Then it's a simple matter to prepare your casserole in your handily available 13" casserole dish. Layer it as such: pasta, beef, cheese, pasta, beef, cheese. There may (will) be overflow. That's where you get your OTHER 13" casserole dish that my mother most certainly did not call me about today asking if I had stolen hers. Set your oven to 350 degrees for 25 minutes and you're golden!

Highbrow humor: What we are known for.

A new piece of Photo Verite. I'll call it Crazy Dave Face Avec Fromage.

The last Greg of the summer season. Always kind of chokes me up.

Poor onion chopping due to lack of Miracle Blades or Jerry's tears of grief? You decide!

I don't know. It's Skabs.

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