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  Week Fourteen: Manwich, the Sandwich that Loves You Back!


6-7 lbs Ground Beef (Ground Chuck if your stupid supermarket doesn't have it)
6 cans Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce
An Appropriate Number of Rolls
4 Hungry Hungry Men
1 Little wussy who has to hang out with his "girlfriend"
1 NFC Championship Eagles Game (!!)


Even when sober, the ability to spill things is still rather cogent.

Yes. All that grease is from one event.

There is no better way to celebrate a rousing Football victory than with a group of close friends, several pounds of meat and 3 for $1 cans of Manwich. Can you imagine the rousing feeling of vigor as your team not only sweeps the Altana Falcons, but the deepest crevasses of your stomach are filled with a combination of cooked meat and tomato sauce? I can imagine no greater vice!

Manwich is a surprisingly simple dish to prepare! Brown your meat like you would any other, drain your grease (please god, drain your grease) and dump your sauce in. Oh my, you're already done! Mix it up and put it on a bun and you're good to go! All you need now is to not suffer a humiliating Superbowl defeat!

Well, at least we have the Manwiches!

PS: Obviously with a title like "Manwich", the potentiality of homosexual jokes will always be there. Please try to be mature and not ruin a delicious moment between you and your sandwich.

I'll say it again. 3 meg bitmaps of condiments absolutely enthrall me.

One pot of meat? NOT ON MY WATCH.

Yarrrr matey! These be pirate 'wiches we be eaten!
By looking at this picture you've hung out with Skabs a similar amount of time as I have in the past few weeks. It's like he's living a mystery life!
Even pussy-ass vegetarians get to eat at our events!
Courtesy of Ben: Mexican anti-Taliban candy. Now you can dissolve Osama's head just like they're doing in the secret CIA vault! Infused with Chamoy flavor!

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