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Any kind of liquid falling = + \uc0\u8232 \f1\fs24 \cf0 \f0 \cf2 \uc0\u8232 \fs20 Joel's barf. \fs24 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\sa240 \fs20 \cf2 When you don't need to boil the pasta, it's easier to make lasagna than it is to well, you know! \fs24 \ \fs20 With all your ingredients gathered, preheat the oven to delectable 375\'b0 and commit the largest man you know to whipping together the ricotta cheese and the eggs. In our case it was Joel, who was so large that he didn't know his own strength and ended up making a mess of my kitchen. So I guess my suggestion to you is you use someone \i slightly \i0 smaller than the biggest man you know. \fs24 \ \fs20 While Joel destroys your (already broken) microwave, feel free to pour a quarter of a bottle of sauce into the bottom of your 13 x 9 pan, then layer four strips of lasagna overtop of this. By now your kitchen is probably covered in the ricotta cheese mixture, so you can slather some of that on with your next layer of sauce and spinach. Make sure that you get a good amount of sauce on the side of the pan, so the lasagna doesn't stick. \fs24 \ \fs20 This gives Joel plenty of time to shred mozzarella cheese all over your floor. Take about half of the pieces that \i didn't \i0 fall all over the dirty kitchen tile and layer them with that ricotta and sauce. Four more slabs of lasagna, and your next layer entails the rest of the ricotta, sauce and spinach but no mozzarella. The final four slabs go on top of this along with the rest of the sauce, spinach and the remainder of your mozzarella. \fs24 \ \fs20 Joel is probably attempting to crush your head now, because you're such a jerk. Try to stick the lasagna in the oven while ignoring the warm feeling of painful sleep that's coming over you. If you're still alive in 50-60 minutes, you should be good to go! \fs24 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\sa240\qc \f1 \cf0 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\sa240\qc \f0 \cf2 \uc0\u8232 \fs20 This disgusting slop turns slightly LESS disgusting with only 50-60 minutes in the oven! \uc0\u8232 \f1\fs24 \cf0 \f0\fs20 \cf2 \uc0\u8232 Okay. Not \i that \i0 much less disgusting. \fs24 \nestcell \lastrow\nestrow \pard\intbl\itap1\pardeftab720 \cf2 \ \itap2\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20320\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10060\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx4320 \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10060\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \f1 \cf0 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \f0 \cf2 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \f1 \cf0 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \f0 \cf2 \nestcell \nestrow \itap2\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20320\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10060\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx4320 \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10060\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \fs20 \cf2 It warms my heart that Joel proves me and Skabs aren't the only people able to spill crap all over the place. \fs24 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \fs20 \cf2 You might not know this, but Jerry has quite the lucrative salsa scam going on. He takes the mild salsa and puts it in the hot bottle. I've caught him in the act! \fs24 \nestcell \lastrow\nestrow \itap2\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20320\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth20200\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \itap3\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20200\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10000\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx4320 \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10000\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \f1 \cf0 \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \f0 \cf2 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \f1 \cf0 \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \f0 \cf2 \nestcell \nestrow \itap3\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20200\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10000\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx4320 \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth10000\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \fs20 \cf2 Slightly reminiscent of {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "file:///Users/daveriley/Desktop/loaf.htm"}}{\fldrslt \cf3 \ul \ulc3 other times}}, it had to be done! \fs24 \nestcell \pard\intbl\itap3\pardeftab720\qc \fs20 \cf2 Forget "Salvador Dali" (who has a rather prominent exhibit here in Philly), I'm submitting \i this \i0 to an art show. The outstretched hand of Benjamin White hurling the (perfectly in focus) bagel at his erstwhile sibling. The pained look of Joel while Beth performs a rather lovely "shocker" in the background. Give me $20M, I'll decorate your park. \fs24 \nestcell \lastrow\nestrow\nestcell \nestrow \itap2\trowd \taflags0 \trgaph108\trleft-108 \trwWidth20320\trftsWidth3 \trbrdrl\brdrnil \trbrdrt\brdrnil \trbrdrr\brdrnil \clvertalc \clshdrawnil \clwWidth20200\clftsWidth3 \clmart10 \clmarl10 \clmarb10 \clmarr10 \clbrdrt\brdrnil \clbrdrl\brdrnil \clbrdrb\brdrnil \clbrdrr\brdrnil \clpadt20 \clpadl20 \clpadb20 \clpadr20 \gaph\cellx8640 \pard\intbl\itap2\pardeftab720\qc \cf2 \nestcell \lastrow\nestrow \pard\intbl\itap1\pardeftab720\sa240\qc \cf2 The Master Chefs want YOUR cooking suggestions. Send them to {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "mailto:chefs@fan-service.org"}}{\fldrslt \cf3 \ul \ulc3 chefs@fan-service.org}}\cell \lastrow\row \pard\pardeftab720\qc \cf2 \ }