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  Week Seveteen: A Labor Whose Love Knows No Name


6 medium sized tomatoes
2 medium sized onions
4 peppers of your prefered spicy level
X amount of the mythical vegetable known as the "Tomatillo"
A jar of "Real" salsa as backup, or tomato paste if you prefer.
The properly equipped kitchen of a married couple


This year there was a bit of a snafu re: the grills, or more specifically: Ben's decision to buy $6 hibachis that had been marked down to 1/2 off. It was nothing a couple cans of baked beans couldn't fix!

Your first step should be going to your local grocery store and spending somewhere in the area of 20-30 minutes searching for a vegetable that may or may not exist, the Tomatillo. Without this lovely green runt you salsa may be less "Verde" than previously expected, but have no fear! It will still be as delicious as is necessary.

Now with your ingredients assembled, send Dave and Joel off into the kitchen while the rest of the party has fun chattering and reminiscing about old times. Don't worry, they won't mind! By now they're used to it.

Joel and Dave, this part is for you:

Chop up 2 of your tomatoes, the peppers, and an equal amount of tomatillos into a relatively chunky solution, to which you'll add your two not-too-finely chopped onions. The rest of the tomatoes and tomatillos should be unceremoniously tossed into the food processor that your recently married friends have acquired through their Bed Bath and Beyond flimflam job.

You must be very careful on the amount of blending you apply to the product. Joel and Ben were quite vehement that I go "whole hog" on the blending process, and I submitted to their overbearing brotherly personalities despite my better judgement. If you desire a salsa without the consistancty of soup then liberal use of the "pulse" feature on the cuisianart should be your best friend.

When done and combined you should have a sizable amount of salsa that you can apply to your favorite corn-based chip. Should you find your salsa too soupy (you listened to Joel and Ben) then simply add a suitable amount of pre-made salsa or tomato paste to even out.

Enjoy your labor day!

Paul motioned to me, "Riley," He says, as if imparting the wisdom of the gods, "When the apocolypse happens and all these clean living people are gone, us smokers are gonna light up a cigarette and just laugh."
I don't know how that's gonna happen, but I sure hope it does!

Ben then propositioned we form our own four man band...
but we needed more varieties of Yuengling for a more diverse sound.
All the same, Paul thought this barbeque was like... "Woah!"
Thanks Ben and Gwyn! Thanks for a wonderful Labor Day!

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