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  Week Nineteen: Official Fan-service Drunken Eggnog Bash!


1 liter Maker's Mark
1 quart milk
1 quart heavy cream
2 dozen eggs
2 cups sugar
Nutmeg for garnish


Unfortunately there was no moderately priced Pennsylvania beer in our nog. Maybe next year!

I hope you know how to separate eggs, because it isn't a New Years party if you don't wiggle around some yolks in the sake of alcoholism! If you have a friend able to commit to such a deed then consider your sobriety to be forfeit. Two dozen eggs must be settled and separated into two bowls.

From where beat the yolks until they take on a creamy texture, whipping all the sugar into them to make a sort of gross gelatinous mass. If you prefer your eggnog to be a little sweeter then you can add up to another cup of sugar, but be extremely delicate about such things. Too much sugar can cause your Nog experience to be a total disaster. After this add the rather curious, very nontraditional, but entirely delicious Maker's Mark. 1 liter of the substance will please most party guests and be perfectly suitable for feminine consumption. But if you are of the more masculine persuasion then I see no problem with adding as much as 1.5 liters. Go for broke at your own risk!

Meanwhile you should have a stalwart companion whipping those whites into frothy peaks. Hopefully you have some sort of food processor or this will take a very long time! Add these to your yolks and alcohol.

Beat your cream and then slowly add that and the milk to the rest of the concoction. This will make 2 and 1/2 gallons of material so hopefully you have a vat of equivalent size, and a suitable amount of people to drink it. Garnish with nutmeg and dig in!

Happy New Years!

Before, just a simmering lump of grossness...
but together...

A food processor, the hallmark of any married couple's kitchen, is required for ease of creation.
But spills are still the order of the evening. Thanks Joel!
Ben's tactile abilities and all-knowing eye for measurements were required to put the finishing touches on this year's nog. A careful hand sprinkles just the right amount of seasoning to complete the dish.
A careful pour heralds the first nog experience of the night.

Don't let my horrorstricken face dissuade you! This Egg Nog was made to be consumed!

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