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Week Twelve: Mushrooms and Chicken... somethings?

(1) Totally arbitrary amount of chicken. I think we used 2-4 pounds.
(1) Totally arbitrary amount of sour cream. I think we used around 3 tablespoons
(2) Slightly less arbitrary packages of English Muffins
(1) All together totally arbitrary amount of spinach leaves for garnish
(1) Of those packages of mushrooms in the little blue box

Maybe the closest I'll ever get to touching a real, live breast.

As simple a recipe you are not likely to find anywhere else. Simply cook your chicken in the most available frying pain, browning the hell out of it. As you might see from the picture at the right, we went a little too far. Try to get your chicken somewhere past the nice white color but not so far into the horribly awful char Cajun color. After awhile you'll find the need to add your chopped and sliced mushrooms in. If this is your thing, be my guest! When all that is done, it's a simple matter to mix a bit of sour cream with your chicken/mushrooms (to taste) and then spread the mixture on the English Muffins, bedded with spinach. Pop in the oven at 350 for oh... ten to fifteen minutes and you're looking at a delectable mushroom treat.

Also make mashed potatoes. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU.

I made this small because it's nothing that could even be considered as possibly containing the smallest spark of humor.

Joel visiting is like a fresh rain on a summer's day.
A fresh rain of PAIN on my PANCREAS when he EATS IT.

My favorite picture of all time? It's not impossible that it is!

Pretty gross? Pretty DELICIOUS.
At we play it to the bone.


Still funny, but not AS funny.

If you don't get it, you get off my freaking site right now.

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