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Week Five: Beef and Cabbage

2 lbs. ground beef
1 whole cabbage (possibly two)
1 whole onion
1 buttload of spaghetti sauce (or tomato paste)

I hate it when I'm relegated to fucking onion duty.

Tear the cabbage into leaves first, then dump it in a pot and let it boil until the leaves are soft. Meanwhile you can get started on fun stuff like chopping the onion and defrosting the meat (because we never take it out of the freezer in time)

We often like to mix the cooking up with a little poppin' and lockin'.

Remember to separate your cabbage, or you're fucked.

Anyway, soon enough your cabbage will be all nice and soft and filled with... whatever the hell cabbage is filled with. Slightly before this happens you should be browning the meat, and toss the onions in with it.

Then all you have to do is wrap a leaf of cabbage around a little ball of meat and onions and sit them in your baking pan. Cover the whole thing with pasta sauce and cook for twenty minutes. No problem.

Hey Jerry, I hear you love the meat.

We make mashed potatoes like, every week.

Okay seriously, where the hell did the potatoes go?

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